To attend a FREE trial class, please do the following! This is for Morning Classes only. 

1. Pick a Date:  Classes are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 9:30 AM at this locationBelow when you register for your FREE Class, you can pick the date that works for you! 

2. Don't Be Nervous! Our classes are designed for moms of all fitness levels! Whether you just gave birth 6 weeks ago, haven't exercised since you were a teenager, have Diasatsis Recti, run marathons, are a cross-fit lover, or are super out of worries. All the Mamas go at their own pace! 

2. Complete the below form!

3. Just show up to class!  No need to bring any equipment for your FREE class. Just bring your baby/toddler in a sturdy stroller, water bottle, and anything you may need for your baby. Oh...and for your non-stroller-aged kiddos, they can play on the side while you workout! For more Frequently Asked Questions, click HERE!

Now...Below is the form you need to fill out!  And...always check our Facebook Page before class to ensure nothing has been cancelled due to inclement weather, etc.

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