Spring Evening Class Session: Info & Registration - ONE DAY FLASH SALE

Our 10-week, Spring Evening Class Session starts Tuesday, April 9!!! 
Classes are held at 5:15 PM on Tuesdays & Thursdays (we occasionally use Wednesdays as a "makeup" day in case of inclement weather) at Orchard Park in Wall. Please see details below. 

TODAY ONLY - Early Bird (APRIL 7): $200 ($10 per class!)

Important Info!
* Babysitter at each class to play with your non-stroller-aged kiddos!
* If you do not have stroller aged kids...No Strollers Required! If your kids are grown...come without them or they can hang with our babysitter on the playground!

* Class Packs cannot be used to pay for Evening Classes. You must Register for the full Session. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:15 PM - 6:20 PM (April 9 - June 13)

Orchard Park
1182 Church Street
Wall, NJ

What are classes like?
Same format as our Morning Classes! Moms participate in a 45 minute, bootcamp-style class designed for Moms of ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Babies/toddlers remain in their strollers during class and "big kids" can play on the Playground (about 50 feet away from where we exercise) with our Babysitter! After the Moms workout, we have a 20-minute, "Mommy-and-Me" structured Playtime with balls, instruments, singing, parachute, beanbags, and bubbles. Not only will you be tired from the workout and fresh air...but your kiddos will be too (tired kids = a great night of sleep!) 

What should I bring?
* Stroller (This is optional! You do not need a stroller to workout if your kids are older! Leave them at home...or bring them to play on the Playground with our babysitter!)
* Water for yourself and whatever snacks/drinks your kids need
* 1 set of dumbbell weights (I recommend 8 or 10 lbs each). Amazon Prime, Walmart, Target, and Marshalls usually have them!
* Yoga Mat or beach towel (I actually find that a beach towel is great since it fits so well under your stroller and can be washed easily!)

​I'm a Morning Class Member, can I come to Evening Classes?

We offer a $40 Evening Class Membership to all Moms who are currently enrolled as a Morning Class Member. Or Morning Class Members can pay $5 for a drop-in class. 

What if weather is bad?
In the case of inclement weather, we will post a class cancellation on our FaceBook and Instagram pages by 4 PM that day. We do our best to hold class - even in chilly, overcast weather. Should class be cancelled, we will try to schedule a make-up class on Wednesdays - but we can't guarantee it.  As weather cools off,  try to dress in layers and bring a blanket to put over the babies in strollers. Please remember that there are no refunds due to weather. Remember, cool, fresh air is great for babies and kids! And always helps them sleep well at night!  ​Type your paragraph here.

Registration & Payment

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