Frequently Asked Questions

I just had a baby, when can I start exercising? 

Typically at 6 weeks postpartum. But every woman is different and we recommend obtaining your physician's thumbs-up before beginning any form of exercise, 

How is my child going to last in the stroller for 45 mins?

The #1 goal of the 45 minute stroller fitness portion of class is to give our Moms an awesome workout. However, our classes are designed with the kiddos in mind! Moms may do squat jumps while tickling the kids' toes or singing twinkle twinkle little star while holding a plank. The instructor may distract the little tots with puppets while leading the Moms through a grueling muscle tone session with resistance bands. Plus...after coming to class a few times, the kids will understand that at the end of "Mom's workout" they are rewarded with 20 minutes of mommy-and-me fun focused on them!

What should I bring to class?

Water for yourself. A yoga mat or beach towel. A pair of dumbbells (recommendation: 5 lbs, 8 lbs, or 10 lbs depending on your strength. Your child's stroller and any toys or snacks needed for your little one! Please note: Strollers are OPTIONAL. You do not need a child or stroller to workout with us!

I'm really out of shape, will I be able to keep up?

Our classes are a judgement-free zone! Our goal is to encourage moms to support each other in the most positive way possible. So go at your own pace! Take your time!  Especially for your first few classes. The instructor will demonstrate modifications for each exercise.

What if my child poops, cries, misbehaves, spits up, needs a bottle, or needs to nurse, etc?

Tantrums happen. Hungry babies happen. Poop happens. At any given time during class, we can pretty much guarantee at least one child will be crying, needing a diaper change, wanting to eat, or throwing goldfish from his stroller. Wheee Get Fit & Play is about a community of moms all doing our best. But stuff happens! And its okay. Feed, change, comfort your child. And then jump back into the workout when you can.

Can I bring older children?

Yes! We have lots of preschool (and older) children come to class with their Moms (my kids included!). If your child(ren) is too old for a stroller, they can come and play, color, or read on the side. For our Evening Class Series and for all Summer Classes, we have a wonderful  babysitter to entertain and keep a close eye on the "older" kids.  

Can I bring more than one child?

Sure can! I often have all 4 of my kiddos at class with me! 

What type of stroller do I need?

Most strollers should work well (with exception of the "umbrella" stroller). As long as you are comfortable and your child(ren) is also, that's all that matters. 

Can I come without my child?

Yes! Feel free to come without your child if you'd like. Moms often do!

What is the price per class?

Pricing is listed HERE for morning classes and HERE for evening classes. 

How do I pay for classes?

Two options for paying for classes:

​1. Pay online via the Here

2. Pay instructor when you arrive at class via check or cash

(For our Evening Class Session, pre-registration and payment is required)

Do I have to register for a class?

For morning classes, No.  For our Spring & Fall Evening Series, pre-registration and payment is required. Please click HERE for more info. 

What kinds of exercises will I be doing?

We use a variety of fitness formats to keep things fun; such as cardio, strength, core development, circuit training, plyometrics, and more. We refer to it as a Bootcamp style. Exercise modifications will be shown to accommodate all fitness levels.

I am not a runner! Will I still be able to take your classes?

Absolutely! Running doesn't always work for everyone. If there is a "running" component to our classes, a brisk walk is always a good alternative. Some moms may sprint, others jog, and others walk...all speeds are great!

Will my child be exposed to germs?

As a mom of 4 young kids, I can tell you that our children will always be exposed to germs no matter what (although yes, at times I'd like to keep my kids in a bubble!). And some of that germ exposure is good (builds their immune systems). Here's what I can tell you...we have hand sanitizer available for use at each class. We also clean the "Playtime" items (instruments, beanbags, etc) after each class. As a mom, I know how miserable life can be when our kids get we do everything we can to keep those yucky germs away! 

We also recommend that if your child is sick, please avoid bringing them to class. Make sure they've been fever free for at least 24 hours. If they have a green/runny nose, you can always come to class and workout (while they remain in their stroller) and skip Playtime to avoid spreading their germs. ​